Welcome to my first blog. I don’t know how you found me but I’m awfully glad you did. I hope you will visit often.

To see who I am and why I am here, click “About” above. You’ll find I am no authority on life but rather an observer. As a middle-aged woman, my perspective will sometimes differ from yours but I see blogging as another form of communication that can help us understand each other. I expect this adventure to teach me to see the world from a different vantage point. That, is exciting and as the lessons come, I will write about them.

I am a freelance writer with many interests. My passions are nature, human nature, social justice, Indigenous cultures, and the environment. You will soon discover that I write from my heart and I am not afraid to show emotion or, to take on a topic that makes some uncomfortable. My philosophy is that you cannot change things if you are not willing to talk about them. Here, I hope to begin the dialogue.

As a writer, I am inspired by images, music, human behavior, and sometimes a single word will inspire me. The world is my playground and this blog will be my platform for sharing the experience. I hope you find something here from time to time that inspires you or makes your day a little brighter. Thanks for visiting!

Live, love, and laugh often!

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