The Crazies

It’s been a couple of crazy days, so crazy that the only thing to do is laugh about it.  Trust me, it would be easier to cry.  


To follow up on my blog on the 12th of December, it was my “Other Dad” that showed up.  There were two physician appointments that day and my Other Dad was wired.  He was in a hyper-happy mood and he never stopped his silly chatter.  By the time I got him home, I was worn out.

Grooming is our biggest issue for the moment.  As the Alzheimer’s disease slowly steals my Dad, it is also stealing his ability to maintain his appearance.  He has become resistant to shaving and haircuts.  My Other Dad was disheveled and unconcerned and that, breaks my heart.  

His physician officially ordered my Other Dad not to drive anymore.  This was something we have been trying to accomplish for some time.  It would be easier to ask him to give up eating.  The past two days have been riddled with angry outbursts.  It is difficult to remember that this is not my Dad; not the Dad I have adored for almost 60 years.   

Thank God our family is close and supportive of each other.  This beast called Alzheimer’s disease is trying to devour us but it will not.  We will not let it.  

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