The Shattered Hearts and Broken Minds in our Society

Like so many others around the world, my heart has been shattered by the events in Connecticut, where 27 people lost their life in a senseless killing.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t wrap my brain around how someone can brutally murder innocent children.  I can’t begin to understand how a family picks up the pieces after such a horrible tragedy.  But, they do.  

Something has gone horribly wrong in our society.  The idea that violence is the answer to our problems has got to be changed.  Violence is never the answer.  There must be an answer for how a young mind can become so terribly distorted that it sees innocent people as the enemy.


The human spirit is strong and resilient.  We will go on and some will push for new laws and increased awareness.  Others will reach out to comfort those who are hurting.  Life will continue even though for now it seems that it is standing still.  


If we take nothing else from this tragedy, I hope that we will all realize how fragile and short life is and that we will make a stronger effort to say “I love you” to those that matter to us.  I hope we will see that children, all children, are the responsibility of all of us.  And, I hope we will see that we have to change our priorities.  

We can’t go back in time and change what has happened but we have to change the way we go forward.  It’s the only answer in this sea of sadness.  


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