Newtown Shocks a Nation

It’s been six days since 27 people died senselessly in Newtown, Connecticut and our nation is still reeling from the horror. Mainstream media has brought the faces and stories of those killed into our living rooms and made the tragedy even more personal. We turn on the television and there are the faces of beautiful, loving, and happy children or dedicated educators, all who had a bright future just a few days ago. Our shock and grief is real, as real today as it was six days ago.

One cannot help but be touched by the outpouring of love and support that has been shown to the community of Newtown, Connecticut. Hearing the stories of compassion shown by strangers warms the heart and reminds us that there is still more good than evil in the world. Stories like the 27 wreaths that were sent to the first responders from a family in Oregon or the arrival of nine Comfort Dogs from the mid West help to restore our faith in the human race.

Across our nation discussions are taking place about gun control and the problems in our mental health system. Now, we have to step up and own our responsibility to help create the necessary changes. We have to act as a community of concerned citizens and let our legislators know that we will not allow partisan politics to silence our voices. We owe it to the children, all our children, to hold our politicians accountable for making the necessary changes, whatever they may be. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye and think it is someone else’s problem. We cannot continue to think it’s not our problem.

While my heart is still shattered, I am hopeful and committed to have my voice heard. Are you?

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