Remembering Newtown, Connecticut on December 21, 2012

We Will Remember!

We Will Remember!

Tomorrow, December 21, 2012, people around the nation will pause for a moment of silence as we remember the horror of the senseless killing of 27 innocent people in Newtown, Connecticut.

Can it be, that only a week has passed since the news flashed across our televisions and computer screens? It must feel like a lifetime for the parents, the spouses, brothers and sisters, aunts, and uncles, and other loved ones of those lost.

If only this was the last of the violence. If only we would learn from this one so that no other family ever has to face such violence again.

As we pause at 9:35 AM (EST) tomorrow, let us all make a personal pledge to wake up, to accept our own responsibility for being concerned, caring, and active participants in the raising of our children in a more healthy and compassionate environment. Let us be a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness, and the voice of wisdom as we guide our children towards a more loving and charitable future.

As we remember, let us also remember the first responders, the medical examiners, the press, and, our elected officials who have also been so traumatically affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As we pause and remember, let us also say a prayer for peace, a prayer for healing, and a prayer for the courage and strength to do better and do more.

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