A New Year is Coming

Tonight we will say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013. Although the numerals will change, life as we know it will be the same when we awake in the morning. It is my hope, that we will look back to the harsh lessons of 2012 and move forward into the new year with renewed determination to end the suffering in the world.

Our government is proving it is broken as it nears the final hour before we leap off the “fiscal cliff”. Let that be a lesson to all of us that we cannot elect men and women to represent us and not tell them what matters to us. We have to make our voices heard and hold them accountable. And, we need to push harder for term limits so that when they fail to listen, we aren’t stuck with them.

Our society has its own problems and I hope that we will set aside our differences and concentrate on our sameness in 2013. We belong to one race, the human race, and if we do not start embracing diversity, we will remain divided and face a bleak future.

My wish for 2013 is that we will end judgment, oppression, and violence and spend our time finding solutions to homelessness, poverty, and mental illness. And, I hope we will begin to be good neighbors to those who live in our communities and in other parts of the world.

It is a lot to hope for but I am confident that we have not forgotten that the strength and ability lies within each of us.

I wish each of you the best that the New Year can bring.

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