Alzheimer’s Disease – It’s Always In My Thoughts

My first thought this morning was about how invasive Alzheimer’s disease can be.  It not only affects the daily life of the person who has the diagnosis but it infects all aspects of the family too.  I am aware this morning that Alzheimer’s is always in my thoughts.  It has become a consideration in almost every thing I do.

  • What will Dad think?
  • Will Dad understand?
  • Will Dad be able to eat this?
  • Who will stay with Dad?

Questions.  There are always questions and decisions to be made to keep order and routine; the routine that is so necessary for someone living in the Alzheimer World.

Several months ago I wrote an article after thinking about my Mother.  I returned to it this morning and realized that even then, Alzheimer’s infected my thoughts and took control of the conversation.  I hate this disease!


To read the article, click here.


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