OMG, How Do We Do It?

It’s done.  I confronted my fear and made the first phone calls to the Assisted Living facilities.  I have found every possible excuse not to make that call because once it was done, all these fears would become reality.  I wonder if others have done the same.

The people I spoke with were kind and understanding but the decision will be harder than I thought.  Because of Dad’s recent behavior issues, he and Mom cannot live together in assisted living.  Dad will have to be in a secure unit (locked behind doors that only open with a code) and Mom will have to live across the street in what equates to a bedroom.  She will be allowed to visit with Dad for a couple of hours each day.

How do you tell your parents this when they will celebrate their 63rd anniversary this week and have never been apart?

The geriatric psychiatrist says to just do it.  He says that putting it off only prolongs the agony and that once it’s done, we can all get down to learning to live with the change.  I know he’s right but speaking the words …that’s a different story.

The psychiatrist also recommended that we contact the police in the area where my folks live and have them put a GPS bracelet (leg) on Dad so that he can be located if he wanders off before we get him in a secure facility.  It’s a wonderful idea in concept but again, I can’t imagine telling my Dad he will have to wear it like a prisoner on work release.

NOTHING about Alzheimer’s is good or kind.  It is perhaps the most cruel disease of them all. I have nothing but compassion for every family who is living with Alzheimer’s Disease and struggling in silence.  Love doesn’t ease the pain. 

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