Voter Responsibility

CongressMany of us are fed up with the bickering in Congress.  But, what have we done about it.  I’m a little tired of hearing my friends complain.  When I respond with the simple question of – “have you contacted your representative to let them know how you feel?”, the response is always the same.  They say  “No, it won’t do any good.”

We elected them to represent us.  How can we expect them to do that when we don’t tell them what we care about?

Our forefathers formed a system of government that was to be:

  • a government for the people
  • a government by the people

“People” was never intended to be a government of lawyers.  “People” was intended to be farmers and bankers and nurses and steel workers.

If something is wrong in Washington it is our fault for electing the wrong people and for not holding them accountable for representing our interests.  Stop pointing fingers and do something.

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