Six Days of Uncertainty and Fear

Dad has been ill now, really ill, for six days.  He apparently developed an upper respiratory infection.  I am thrilled to report that today he showed some significant improvement and we are hopeful that this trend will continue. 

For most of the past six days, he has been sleeping; unable to communicate, eat, and, he could not walk.  He had a low grade fever and only occasionally uttered a few words of garbled language that we could not understand.  He was put on an antibiotic and taken off of solid food due to the risk of choking.  Through constant urging, we were able to keep him awake long enough to get a bottle of Boost in him three times a day.  Today, he shows signs of minimal dehydration which we are addressing with Gatorade for electrolyte balance. 

Dad weak but slightly more alert.  He showed signs of a returning appetite late today and that gives us hope that he has turned a corner.  His body is beginning to show the signs of significant muscle wasting too.  It concerns us but we also know this is part of the disease.  It is a reminder.  Alzheimers disease has been called “the long goodbye”.  Count each day as a blessing and, as one more chance to love fully and without reservation. 

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