It’s a New Year

2014 has arrived.  We survived the holidays  and I am hoping that the struggles of 2013 are far behind.  I know there will be new struggles because Alzheimer’s hasn’t changed.  It doesn’t get better but we learn to cope.  You have to.

We finally finished cleaning out Mom and Dad’s house and got it on the market for sale.  We were blessed and had a reasonable offer on the house after only 4 days on the market.  Of course even the sale of the house was bittersweet as there are so many memories contained within its walls.  Still, it is good to close the chapter and now we are looking forward to writing new ones.

For those that have followed our journey, you might find it encouraging to know that Dad seems to have settled into a routine in the assisted living facility.  It took a while and some modifications in the dose of his Seroquel but things are so much better.  He has far fewer days of being agitated and seems to have finally lost his memories of his car and his old home.  He seems content for the most part.

I should probably tell you that Dad continues to lose ground mentally.  He is less communicative and has more difficulty choosing his words.  There are more days now when he doesn’t know one of us but it doesn’t hurt as much as it did in the beginning.  See, we are learning to cope.

My prayer for this new year will not surprise you.  I pray for a cure.  It’s just that simple.  To each of you who are living in the shadows of dementia or Alzheimers, I pray that you too will learn to cope.  Until the next time, stay strong and don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

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