Alzheimer’s and Birthdays

I haven’t written in a while.  Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with what Alzheimer[‘s has done to my Dad.  Actually, it has changed our whole family and that makes me really angry sometimes.  Today though, I just miss my Dad.  Next week he will turn 86 years old.  He won’t even know he had a birthday.  I bought him gifts though but I ask myself why I did that.  He;ll open them and declare how wonderful they are and then 86 seconds later he will be lost in that fog again.

Not much has changed since I last wrote.  Dad has a bit more trouble eating and they have changed his diet a bit to prevent choking.  He’s become more resistant to being groomed and he is pretty content to lay on a sofa in the day room and be left alone.  My visits get shorter each week because he just isn’t interested in conversation.

It seems like we’ve been stuck in this time warp for a long time.  It’s funny but I can’t even remember how long it’s been since we got the diagnosis.  I think maybe seven or eight years.  However long it’s been, it’s been too long.  With all the recent news about Death With Dignity, I am certainly wondering why more states haven’t passed the legislation.

I’m a bit down today so I’ll keep it short.  This doesn’t happen as often as it once did.  We learn to cope, don’t we?  I think it’s the birthday that has brought me here so it won’t last.  It’s just that today I miss my Dad and I wish he knew it.

3 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s and Birthdays

  1. So sorry to hear that, Linda. What a horrible and cruel disease, hurting entire families like that.

    My grandmother (Mom’s side) had Alzheimer’s in her later years, and my grandfather also (on my dad’s side). And for several years I’ve noticed my own memory slips and gaps and have wondered if Alzheimer’s and dementia can actually begin taking root decades before the real damage is apparent. I hope that is not the case for me. Hopefully, I’m just an airhead haha.

    Anyways, it’s been a week or so since your dad’s birthday, and I hope you are doing better.

    • Chris, I thought I had responded to your message but I guess not. I am sorry you have experience with Alzheimer’s. It is such a horrible process. Like you, I wonder about myself too and it can be frightening. Thank you for caring. I am doing fine now and hope you are as well.

  2. Hi Chris! Thank you so much for leaving your comment and, for caring. I am much better now that the birthday has come and gone. I am sorry that you have had a personal experience with Alzheimer’s. Yes, it really is horribly hard on the entire family.

    I am certainly no expert but there is some indication that Alzheimer’s can be genetic. I worry about it too. Early detection is really important and there are medications that can slow the disease progress down considerably if you start them early. Having a really good geriatric psychiatrist is important. None of wants to think that we have to see a psychiatrist but this is one time when it is critical. I hope there is one in your area and that you will consider making an appointment to be evaluated. I certainly will do that at the first sign of a problem in my own memory.

    Thanks again and best, best wishes to you.

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