The Journey Ends

The angels took my Daddy home today.  His journey in that crazy, dark world of Alzheimer’s disease is over.  As you might expect, there is enormous relief but there is also anger for the years this disease stole from me.  I really only had one fear in life and that was losing my Dad.  He was my hero, my advocate, my confidant, and my rock.  The foundation of “me” feels a little shaky tonight but he would want me to be strong.  So strong I will be.

In some ways it doesn’t seem like seven years have passed since we first heard the words “He has Alzheimer’s”.  The first years were not so bad.  Sure, he forgot things and he put things in strange places but we didn’t mind so much.  Love, when unconditional can carry you through things you never dreamed of.  The real tough part came when we knew it was time for assisted living.  Looking back I’m sure that was when we started fast-tracking through the advanced stage of the disease.  We were prepared, we though, for what was to come.

I don’t guess you are ever really ready though.  The end came fast and hard and the beast tried its best to take the last shred of dignity from my Dad.  It was a powerful enemy but our love for my Dad was stronger.  With the help of some amazing and dedicated folks at the assisted living facility and the skilled guidance of hospice, my Dad was cared for in a way he deserved.  He was surrounded by love and light and had the permission of his entire family to take leave of his bondage here on earth.  There may be a hole in my universe today but there will be a new star in the sky tonight.  Rest in peace my amazing and loving Daddy.  You are finally free!

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