Simply Delicious Bread Pudding

Growing up in the southeast meant that hospitality equaled putting a great meal on the table.  My mother loved to cook and was always looking for a new recipe to try.   But, no recipe ever escaped her need to put her own twist on it.  She passed that trait down to me.

Cooking is fun if you aren’t afraid to experiment.  Sure, there are failures sometimes but failures are nothing more than an opportunity to try again for success.  So go ahead.  Take whatever you find here in this blog and add your own twist.  Be bold and daring.  Put a bit of love in every dish.

My recipe for Simply Delicious Bread Pudding started with a basic recipeBread Pudding.  With a few spices and a little surprise ingredient, I created a decadent dessert to add to my personal favorites.  You can find the recipe by clicking HERE