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AMD Assistive Technology – The OrCam

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert on AMD or the assistive technology that is available to help those of us living with low vision.

I cannot endorse a product that I have no experience with but from time to time I will share an article that I stumble across hoping that it might be helpful to someone else.  There are many new products on the market and more on the way but everything is not for everyone.  My goal here is simply to share.  Do your own research and turn to your low vision network to help you make decisions regarding your vision.

I ran across the following article today.  It looks interesting to me.  Maybe it will be for you too.  here is the link:

Low Vision Assistive Device by OrCam


Thanksgiving is Cancelled

ThanksgivingWe’ve cancelled Thanksgiving.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  It’s more like e have postponed it.  It seems that my brother’s family is passing  around one of those early winter head colds and we don’t want to pass it to my Mom and Dad.  So, if everything goes well, our Thanksgiving will be next weekend.  We will also be celebrating Dad’s birthday at the same time.

I guess there is something positive to come out of Alzheimer’s.  Since Dad has no concept of time anymore, we can make any day special.  He will celebrate whatever we tell him we are celebrating and never doubt us.

For those of you reading this, I wish you a Thanksgiving of peace and the treasure of making one more memory.  Be grateful, if even in some small way, because Alzheimer’s has shown my family that what you have today can be gone tomorrow.  Blessings to you and yours!